Gone are the days that you need to watch typical porn clips to be aroused. There is so much good stuff you can find in Hollywood history – including sex scenes.  As the bedrock of cinema industry, sex scenes in Hollywood would let anyone trace cultural complexes along with the changing appetite of today’s society.

We have seen those controversial sex scenes, but which ones are the best? Here is our take on some of them:

Don’t Look Now

After several years, Donald Sutherland claims that they are actually having sex during the intimate, passionate and groundbreaking lovemaking scene of Don’t Look Now.  Nicolas Roeg took pride in this terrifying movie which is about a lover in Venice who started to have weird visions of the deceased daughter. Some people contradicted the claim. The physicality and intensity is something you have never seen before. It is not just about the sizzling sex scene. Rather, it’s about the desperation and profound grief a couple may suffer.

Last Tango In Paris

In 1972, Bernardo Bertolucci’s film contains lots of sex scenes, which can be considered as an important part. However, for cultural conversation and sheer shock value, it is difficult to beat the scene where Maria Schneider and Marlon Brando dive deeper on the lubricant potentials of butter. Hence, that is a superficial approach of talking of what is considered as one of the most disturbing acts ever put in a movie.

In any Bertolucci’s movie, sex isn’t just a sex. It is not even love. Instead, the two leading actors and actress were driven by their primal desire which often involves thrashing, violent groping and screwing.

Out of Sight

Directed by Steven Soderbergh, this crime thriller radiates cool, which was further observed on the sex scene. Through its playful approach and elliptical cutting to time, it did a great job depicting the steamy atmosphere the film needs to convey. Not only that, Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney’s sheer fun gave more life to it. They look like a real individual, not some random couples who were there because they need to act.


Can you believe that there’s a sex scene without an actual scene on it? Yes, you’ve heard that right, Persona it is. Ingmar Bergman, the only master director who had the ability to squeeze a heartbreaking monologue right out of a shoe. Bibi Andersson’s association of graphic arts produces an incomparably hot scene.

Brokeback Mountain

It tells a love story of the two cowboys inspired by the story of Annie Proulx. This swooning movie starred Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal. It is always cold up in the Wyoming hills. They drink whiskey for the night and everybody went home to rest and get warm.

Ang Lee’s gave the audience a peek how gay sex is done. Some conservative people indicted that the movie promoted gay agendas. In 2006, Brokeback Mountain got three Oscars from eight nominations.

There you have it – the list of the best sex scenes in Hollywood history, from daring silent movies to controversial classics.

The Best Sex Scenes In Hollywood History

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