Planning for a date night? Good news, you don’t need to go to expensive places. Get popcorn and drinks and chill at home. Netflix will satisfy any of your movie needs!

We know that couples need a bit of steamy evening entertainment, which is why Netflix is here to offer a lot of sex-filled shows you can watch whenever you want.

So, for those who want to take their relationship to a more literal level, here are some sexy, intimate shows you can stream on Netflix right now;

  • Orange Is The New Black

This movie puts emphasis on the power of women, plus features a few pretty dirty sex scenes that are sure to arouse you and your partner.

  • The Affair

As what the title of the show implies, most of the scene revolves around lovemaking.  And it unquestionably delivers what it intends to convey.  The innovative setup of the story is from the view of the two lead stars. You can witness lots of gorgeous people hooking up secretly.

  • Shameless

A UK adaptation starring Emmy Rossum, Shameless is about a young woman who is trapped with the responsibility of raising her dysfunctional family. Though the movie doesn’t seem sexy, the sex scenes are so freakin’ hot.

  • Grey’s Anatomy

It follows the group of juvenile doctors who deal with life and death situations. Aside from retelling the idea that life is short, it features all the sex you can imagine.

  • Californication

This movie follows an alcoholic novelist who made a move to California for the goal of working on his relationship with his girlfriend and daughter. While fighting the writer’s block, he deals with addictions through alcohol and sex.

  • The L Word

According to people who already watched The L Word, there were about 97 sex scenes, throughout the run. This may be one of your favorites after watching.

  • House of Cards

This is a scandalous political series portraying the awesome characters of Kate Mara, Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. The deceitfulness, dishonesty and betrayal happened in the bedroom and in the White House.

  • How To Get Away With Murder

Of all Shonda Rhimes works, this masterpiece shows mainly involves Annalise’s character (Viola Davis) who is a well-known badass law professor. She buried some skeletons in her closet. Most of Annalise’s sensual scenes are super intense which made Davis threw out her back while filming it. It is a good sign how amazing the action here is. Although her students are so busy solving a murder case, they join as well in some sexy extracurricular activities. This is either for the sake of getting leads for a certain case or the other way around.

  • Tudor

On the other hand, this show concentrates on the reign of Henry VIII during 16th century in England.  Way back then, everybody never lacks with sex, most probably due to the fact that they need to find a way to kill time. Brace yourselves because this show is loaded with so many dirty talks whispered softly yet clearly. Apart from that, you’ll get to see the naked butt of Henry Cavill!

Get some bedroom inspiration from these sex-filled Netflix shows!

Netflix Shows with the Most Sex

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