Why Are There So Many Free Sex Pictures Online Today?

The internet is full of websites catering to adult material. You don’t have to try hard to find any type of sex pics, animated sex GIFS images or videos online. In fact, it appears that each day, more porn sites pop up on the internet. That wasn’t always the case though as years ago, porn was considered taboo and most people had to go through a lot to view it. For anyone who wanted to view sex pictures, porn videos or movies, there really weren’t too many options. Some had to go to adult only movie theaters. However, these places were often ostracized by the community and treated as eyesores.

Those that visited these places often had to hide or disguise themselves. At the same time, the movie theaters were also havens for all kinds of lewd sexual acts by those who were there. For people who simply wanted to watch porn, this was not something they wanted to deal with. Another option was buying adult magazines such as Hustler, Playboy or Penthouse. These mags were great since they contained hot and sexy sex pics of the world’s most beautiful women. You could also purchase adult movies to watch at home. And you could order adult movies on cable channels.

The truth was that watching porn was kind of a drag for most people since they had to jump through so many hoops to do so. Fast forward to today and all of these things have changed for the better for porn lovers. Now anyone can view just about any type of sex GIFS, sex pictures or videos online. Not only that, they can view all kind of porn pics or sex GIF images for free! So what exactly happened to change all of that? Why are there so many free sex pictures and free sex GIF images available online today? There are several different reasons and factors to take into account.

The Mobile Device Factor

Perhaps one of the biggest and most important reasons there are so many free porn pics online today is because of mobile devices. Presently, almost everyone we know has some type of mobile device. The high availability of Smartphones and tablets has a two-fold effect on the porn industry. For one, it is easier than ever for anyone to take naked pictures of themselves or of other people. Since most mobile devices come fully equipped with high quality cameras, taking sex pics is a cinch. In addition, you can also record yourself or others having sex or doing sexual things.

Since most people love to share their sex pics and porn videos with others, they upload them online. That leads to millions of sex pictures found all over the web. Users will take the porn videos and turn them into animated sex GIF images. These sex GIFS are much easier to share and upload. Coincidentally, since so many people have mobile devices, advertisers and websites want to monetize off of them. Because of that, there have been more adult sites being created each day to bring users free sex pics and sex GIFS. Although they let users view sex pictures, videos and animated sex GIF images for free, the sites make money via ads.

The Social Media Factor –

Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others, are also another factor to consider. These sites played and play a key role in the high amount of free sex pics and other porn material found today. While Facebook and Instagram do not allow users to post sex pictures or sex GIFS on their site, it still happens. There are millions of sex GIFS and sex pictures on Facebook today. Many users whether knowingly or not, post them on their newsfeeds or pages they create. It is not until someone reports the sex pics or porn material, that it is taken down. But by then, the content has already been viewed, shared and saved by millions of other users.

On the other hand, sites such as Twitter and others, allow users to post adult related content. Any sex gif image or sex pics, can go viral in an instant. Many adult porn stars or amateurs who love taking sex pics, post content daily on these sites. The end result is what you have today which are endless free sex pictures and adult related material on the web.

The Personal Amateurs Factor

The porn industry is a huge monster when it comes to making money for those involved in it. Adult material generates billions in revenue for anyone in the adult sector. Besides the websites, regular every day people are also making tons of money off porn. These individuals are called amateurs porn artists. They take sex pics, videos or sex GIF images and post them on their own sites. In some cases, they may sell the material to websites catering to amateur sex gifs and amateur sex pics material.

You also have some amateurs who strip and have sex in front of the camera via webcams. The webcam services are very popular and lucrative since many are willing to pay daily, weekly and monthly fees to view amateurs and others via cams. As more people are making money, others are all too willing to have sex on camera and earn cash for it. Most feel that since they are already having sex anyway, why not get paid for doing it?

Those that enjoy viewing free porn pictures, videos and sex GIF images are living in the best time. Now, they get access to unlimited adult material, without having to go through too much to do so. And that is what makes the internet and technology so great.